17:30 / 20.03.2020
Citizens of Uzbekistan, whose term of stay in Russia is expiring, asked to appeal to the territorial bodies of the Russian Interior Ministry

From March 19, 2020, foreigners are allowed to extend their temporary stay in the Russian Federation.

Photo: KUN.UZ

On March 19, the Russian Interior Ministry clarified the procedure for extending the temporary stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation.

According to the Russian Ministry, foreign citizens may extend their temporary stay in the RF from March 19, 2020, considering enforcement of the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as the situation with the spread of new coronavirus infection.

To do this, they should appeal to the nearest territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a freely formed application.

Citizens, who came to Russia on a visa, regardless of the purpose of entry to Russia, will be allowed to prolong their visas. Even if the visa has expired, the term of temporary stay will also be extended.

Citizens, who come to Russia without a visa, will be able to extend their stay in the Russian Federation, even if the term of their stay has expired.

Foreign citizens, residing in the Russian Federation, continue to apply for work permits.

In addition, migrant workers can apply for a new patent without leaving the Russian Federation, at the same time, no administrative liability will be applied against them for breaching the term.

Foreign nationals, residing in Russia on the basis of temporary residence permit, will be able to prolong the term of their temporary residence if the document has already expired.

One can study the full text of the document here.