20:04 / 20.03.2020
Uzbek citizens coming in droves to Moscow airports, willing to return home

A large number of Uzbek citizens wishing to return to their homeland gathered at Moscow airports. In this regard, the embassy of Uzbekistan warned about the increased risks of being infected with the coronavirus.

Photo: Izvestia / Zurab Javakhadze

“Currently, a large number of citizens of Uzbekistan are gathering at Moscow airports and they wish to return to their homeland through charter flights due to the temporary suspension of air, road and rail links between the two countries,” the diplomatic mission reported.

It is noted that most of the people gathered at airports are Uzbek citizens from different regions of Russia who intend to fly home, as well as those who are making transit flight from counties of Europe and Asia via Moscow.

“According to experts, this gathering of people at the airports, combined with non-compliance with personal hygiene requirements, creates a high risk of contracting various diseases, including the COVID-19,” the embassy said.

Moreover, according to the Russian side, the situation in both Moscow and the regions remains under control, and “there are no reasons for undue concern about Uzbek citizens in Russia.”

Those citizens who are included in the lists of charter flights are urged to return to their places of permanent/temporary residence after reporting their contact details to the operational centers created at the Uzbek Embassy in Moscow and the Consulates General in the other regions (the list is posted on the website).

They will be informed in advance about charter flights or railway passenger trains being organized to Uzbekistan, the embassy added.