21:33 / 25.03.2020
Are drivers required to wear medical masks?

Shahrukh Giyasov, the head of the Department for Public Relations and Mass Media under the Interior Ministry, told the Uzreport TV channel in what cases drivers are required to wear medical masks.

“If you are driving, you can take off the mask, but only if there is no passenger next to you. When you get out of your vehicle, you must wear a mask. Passengers, who take a taxi or other means of transport, must wear a mask all the time in order to prevent infection. If you travel with your family members or relatives, you must proceed from common sense,” he said.

Photo: KUN.UZ

It should be reminded that from March 25, people will be imposed a fine for going out without masks. The decision was made by the Special Republican Commission to combat the spread of coronavirus.

From 06:00 of March 25, a fine in the amount of 1 base calculating amount (223,000 soums) is issued for violating the rules, a repeated violation will cause a fine in the amount of 3 BCAs (669,000 soums).