14:22 / 27.03.2020
“Ichan Kala” in quarantine – photo report from Khiva

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the entry of foreign citizens into Uzbekistan from March 15 was temporarily banned. Also, quarantine measures were introduced in the country. As a result, the flow of domestic and foreign tourists stopped.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Currently, all museums and historical monuments in Uzbekistan are closed. The world famous “Ichan Kala” in Khiva has also been subject to restrictions: the activities of all museums, entertainment venues, shops and restaurants in the complex were suspended.

The historical-architectural ensemble, which has been crowded for many centuries, has now immersed in silence.

Of course, everyone understands that these measures are being taken in the face of necessity, in order to maintain human health. We believe that the day will come soon when the historical-architectural complex “Ichan Kala” will again be filled with tourists from foreign countries and Uzbekistan. In the meantime, kindly follow the recommendations of doctors and specialists and stay at home. We hope that together we will pass these tests.