20:26 / 27.03.2020
“More than 97,000 people are in quarantine in Uzbekistan” – Nurmat Otabekov

At a briefing on March 27, Chief State Sanitary Inspector Nurmat Otabekov called on the public not to be indifferent to quarantine requirements.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Nurmat Otabekov criticized people for indifferent attitude towards the coronavirus as citizens think that it is a common flu, there is no need to worry and this is a wave of panic.

“The coronavirus has shown what it is capable of. 531,000 infection cases have been registered in almost all countries of the world. This is a very large figure, which may seem like a small number relative to the total number of the population. In one day, more than 13,000 new patients were registered in the United States. The U.S. has overtaken China in terms of morbidity more by 3,000 and recorded 85,000 cases. China is in the 2nd place, Italy – 3rd.

Situations like this should keep each of us vigilant. Indifference lies at the heart of the prevalence of the disease and the economic damage it causes. If people were not indifferent, Italy and the United States would not have fallen in such a situation,” Kun.uz correspondent quoted Nurmat Otabekov as saying.

Stressing that more than 97,000 people are being quarantined in Uzbekistan, Otabekov noted the need for compliance with the set requirements.

“There is no medicine yet that can completely cure the coronavirus. A vaccine that can protect people from it has not yet been developed. We also do not have a complete picture of the future fate of people who have recovered from the illness. We are facing an infection that leads to unknown complications.

On March 15, a coronavirus was detected in Uzbekistan. We were all calm, there was no panic until the disease was detected. But who brought the disease into our territory – our own citizen. So many people are worried now. This disease is circulating around us. It is important to keep in mind that everyone is at risk of contracting this disease,” he said.