15:55 / 21.09.2023

414 people suffered from food poisoning over 8 months in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, 414 people were poisoned by food during 8 months of 2023. Nurmat Otabekov, the deputy head of the sanitary-epidemiological peace and public health service, announced this at an AIMC press conference held on September 21.

Over the past eight months, 39 cases of foodborne illness have been reported. As a result, 414 citizens were injured, 86 of them are children, and 2 more citizens died. Botulism was recorded in 81 patients.

“Group disease at home occurs as a result of non-observance of sanitary rules and storage procedures in the preparation of salads. We are more concerned about such cases in pre-school education organizations. On July 13, 12 children in kindergarten No. 600 in Sergeli district and 27 children in Kindergarten No. 10 in Angren city were registered with group food poisoning,” Nurmat Otabekov said.

The deputy head of the sanitary-epidemiological peace and public health service said that the observation of such cases in preschool educational institutions is related, first of all, to the fact that the kitchens are being built on the basis of the project, they are operating contrary to the sanitary requirements, and there are problems with the supply of hot and cold water. The above situations are also caused by the fact that the equipment used in these kitchens is outdated, those who prepare food for children are unprofessional and not trained according to sanitary standards.

It should be recalled that 57 people who ate in one of the canteens in Jizzakh, 20 construction workers in Tashkent and 42 citizens who attended a wedding in Samarkand region were poisoned by food.

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