21:14 / 28.03.2020
“She was buried by SES workers and doctors” – Bozorov speaks about the woman who died of coronavirus

Khokim of the Namangan region Khayrullo Bozorov addressed the citizens through local television.

“Unfortunately, despite all the measures taken, 6 people were infected with coronavirus in the region. The disease was detected in two citizens who returned from Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The total number reached 6 people: five people from one family and one from another. The results of tests were confirmed in the regional hospital and the research institute of virology,” he said.

Khokim reminded that a 72-year-old woman died recently.

“She had heart problems and diabetes, and she contracted the virus,” said Khayrullo Bozorov.

Then he described in detail the cause of the infection.

“Her daughter went to Saudi Arabia through Turkey to perform Umrah and returned on March 12. According to tradition, when someone comes back from Umrah or Hajj, many people, primarily close relatives and family members, visit them at home. As a result, in this family alone, 5 people got infected with the coronavirus. Among the infected, there are her mother, sister, daughter and grandson. Other relatives are being checked now,” the head of the region said.

He also explained why he cited this incident as an example.

“All her relatives are under quarantine. None of them could take part in the funeral of a 72-year-old woman. She was buried by employees of the sanitary-epidemiological surveillance and doctors. Here is the result. First – the infection, then – the death, and finally – the last journey without her family members. I think it greatly affected the people of Namangan. Personally, it made me think a lot,” the khokim noted.

Khayrullo Bozorov also noted that from February 24, the Uzbek government has temporarily banned visiting Saudi Arabia

“This woman has visited Saudi Arabia through Turkey. Here is the result. This is the result of people not complying with the rules set by the state. According to our estimates, the woman talked with 231 people. Now her family members, relatives, neighbors and others are being tested again,” he said.

The khokim emphasized that coronavirus is very dangerous. He also earnestly asked residents to be vigilant and comply with all quarantine rules.