14:04 / 02.04.2020
Process of importing medicines to Uzbekistan being simplified 

From now onwards, in the event of an epidemiological situation, medicines used for the prevention of dangerous infectious diseases are imported without state registration by the Ministry of Health.

This was announced on the website of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis.

At the March 30 session of the Lower House of parliament, deputies adopted a draft document on amendments to the law “On medicines and pharmaceutical activities” in the second reading.

The proposed bill provides for the timely provision of orphan devices used in the treatment of rare diseases and their diagnosis, drugs for the prevention of extremely dangerous infections.

It also increases the possibility of timely provision of the healthcare system with the prevention, treatment, diagnostic drugs and medical supplies of infectious diseases in epidemiological emergency cases.

For information, the import and sale of certain new medicines in Uzbekistan, in accordance with the current procedure, requires various complex negotiation and testing processes.