17:49 / 06.04.2020
Ministry of Agriculture says Uzbekistan has a stable stock of vegetables for the quarantine period
Photo: Fotolia

Uzbekistan has a stable stock of vegetables for the quarantine period, the Ministry of Agriculture reports.

“The introduced quarantine did not have any effect on the cultivation of agricultural products by our local farmers. On the contrary, special commissions at places are working towards accelerating this process and supporting our farmers,” the ministry said.

In particular, in order to increase food production, organizational work was begun with local authorities to specialize 66 districts for growing vegetables, 35 districts for growing melons and 36 districts for growing potatoes.

In 2020, about 2.8 million tons of potatoes will be grown in the republic on 130 thousand hectares of land. 1.8 million tons will fully cover annual domestic consumption. Starting from the last ten days of March, the southern regions of the country began to export early potato products to our domestic markets. From April 15, their volume will increase - 70,000 tons in April and 85,000 tons in May.

In total, forecasted indicators for the production of 11.9 million tons of vegetables and 2.5 million tons of melons were determined.

In January-February of this year, from all categories of farms, crops were sown on a total of 15.6 thousand hectares of land, including vegetables – on 10 thousand hectares, potatoes – on 1.7 thousand hectares and melons – on 4.6 thousand hectares.

In the spring, it is planned to plant vegetables, melons and potatoes on 89.4 thousand hectares of farm land, and sowing is in full swing.