11:23 / 08.04.2020
Non-core subjects to be halved in medical universities

In the 2020/2021 academic year, non-core subjects will be halved in medical universities in Uzbekistan.

This is stated in the presidential decree “On measures to introduce a new system of training and continuous professional development of personnel in the healthcare sector”.

“In medical higher educational institutions, non-core subjects in the curriculum of undergraduate and graduate programs as well as in the clinical residency curricula will be reduced by half,” the document says.

“The formation of target parameters for admission in the areas of “General medicine”, “Pediatric medicine” and “Professional education (general medicine)” within the framework of admission indicators based on a state grant is carried out in the context of regions (cities) depending on the needs of each region for doctors,” the resolution says.

Also, graduates of “General medicine”, “Pediatric medicine” and “Professional education (general medicine)” faculties of medical higher educational institutions will be obliged to work for at least 5 years in districts (cities), indicated in the target admission parameters on the basis of a state grant, regardless of their place of residence.