22:11 / 08.04.2020
Uzbekistan launches COVID-19 Challenge 2020 – contest of IT solutions to mitigate consequences of pandemic

Uzbekistan launched the online competition of IT solutions to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic – COVID-19 Challenge 2020. This was reported on the website of the IT Park.

Photo: it-park.uz

“Due to the restrictive measures taken in order to combat the spread of the virus in the country, a large number of people are left with no work to do. Now, vulnerable citizens, as well as individual communities and enterprises need assistance and support. Considering this, the contest may be an attempt to create an online platform where innovators can create and experiment technologies and digital solutions to deal with the crisis,” website informs.

The competition is aimed at finding technological solutions that can be quickly implemented and potentially quickly reach to the national level.

The contest organizers will work with a team of mentors, experts in their field, who will help project teams with action and communication. Their goal is to help teams create solutions that are both meaningful and easy to render into actions. For each sphere, 4-5 mentors will be involved.

Any person can participate. To participate in the competition, you need to register, submit the idea of the proposed technological solution and fill out an online form. After receiving applications, organizers will review them. Successful teams will be invited to an online interview. Those who are successful in interviews will undergo coaching (online moderation and brainstorming) and will do the preliminary defense of the project before the final selection and signing the contract.

At least 5 projects will be supported by financial contributions of up to $10 thousand provided by partners for testing and further implementation of the proposed technological solutions.

The organizers will work with the Special Republican Commission to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 to ensure that the most effective solutions can receive further funding and implementation to achieve the maximum possible effect during the crisis.