21:09 / 16.04.2020
“Landowners will be fined for not planting vegetables and other agricultural products” – Oliy Majlis 

On April 16, a plenary meeting of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis took place.

Photo: KUN.UZ

As the parliamentary press service reported, deputies discussed the draft law “On amendments to the Administrative Responsibility Code of Uzbekistan”.

“When traveling to the regions, members of the lower house studied the use of household plots by residents, during which it was revealed that many did not finish the sowing work, while others did not want to plant anything on these lands. Residents themselves decide which vegetables to plant, what crop they plan to cultivate. But, if they leave the work incomplete, then this will affect the formation of the food reserve,” the report said.

Considering this, a draft law has been developed “On amendments and changes to the Administrative Responsibility Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

In general, Article 65 of the above Code will be supplemented with a new item (65-1).

In accordance with it, administrative responsibility is applied to the owners of personal plots, which, despite an official warning about planting crops at their discretion, continued to misuse the land.

“That is, landowners, who have not planted vegetables and other agricultural products on a land plot, will be issued a warning. Later, if citizens misuse the land, they will be fined in the amount of one to three BCAs. In case of repeated violation within a year after applying administrative punishment, from three to five BCAs,” the parliamentary press service said.

According to deputies, the adoption of the document will serve to upsurge the effective use of land plots, increase the responsibility of their owners, ensure food security and employment.