20:45 / 16.04.2020
Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a document regarding the payment of salaries, pensions and stipends

President Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On measures to ensure the stability of the state budget of Uzbekistan and timely financing of priority measures during the coronavirus pandemic”.

The above-mentioned document identifies priority areas for ensuring the stability of the state budget and optimizing budget expenditures during the coronavirus pandemic and the global crisis. It also provides for ensuring the full implementation of important social expenditures, transferring irrelevant projects and expenditures to subsequent periods based on their level of importance, as well as analysis of the state socio-economic activity in the world.

According to the document, budget revenues will be primarily aimed at financing:

- activities to counteract the spread of the coronavirus infection, including the acquisition of drugs, medical devices, construction, reconstruction, repair and equipping of medical institutions;

- timely payment of wages, pensions, stipends and allowances;

- procurement of food products, utility bills and other urgent expenses;

- other activities and expenses based on decisions of the Republican Anti-Crisis Commission.

Earlier, it was reported that the President authorized the Cabinet of Ministers to reduce the costs of off-budgetary funds of state authorities, courts and prosecuting bodies, ministries and departments, accumulated from taxes, mandatory fees, duties, fines (excluding the cost of employees and material incentives established by law), with the direction of the saved funds to the republican budget.