13:07 / 21.04.2020
Private entrepreneurial university TEAM established in Uzbekistan

In accordance with a relevant government decree, the first private entrepreneurial university in Uzbekistan TEAM has been established, the Justice Ministry reported.

Photo: Shutterstock

The main task of the university is training highly qualified personnel with higher education in the field of entrepreneurship and management, as well as in other areas.

The university is a non-governmental higher educational institution without a state share in the authorized capital under the foundation of TEAM University LLC.

The university’s methodological guidance and educational process are carried out jointly with leading higher education institutions on the basis of the agreements concluded.

The learning process at the university is organized in English, Uzbek and other languages, its educational activities will begin from the 2020/2021 academic year. 

Graduates are given a diploma of the established form, which is recognized as a document on higher education.

Education at the university is carried out on a tuition fee basis, as well as through educational grants, sponsorship donations and other resources provided by legal entities – potential employers.