18:03 / 23.04.2020
Minister of Health tells how much Uzbekistan spends on treating each coronavirus patient

During a session of the international press club, Minister of Health Alisher Shodmonov told how much Uzbekistan is spending on treating patients infected with coronavirus.

Photo: KUN.UZ

“Treatment of one coronavirus patient, whose state of health is moderate, costs the budget 32 million soums or $3,200. If the patient is in the intensive care and his health condition is grave – 64 million soums,” he said.

Alisher Shodmonov also said that a person’s 14-day quarantine costs the state 2.4 million soums, and the subsequent 14-day rehabilitation – 2.8 million soums.

It should be noted that in the United States uninsured patients must pay about $73,300 for a 6-day treatment, and insured patients – $38,200.

At present, 495 people have completely recovered from the coronavirus infection in Uzbekistan.