19:21 / 29.04.2020
Prosecutor General’s Office says 115 officials have been prosecuted since the beginning of 2020

In the first three months of this year, 115 officials were prosecuted in 87 criminal cases, the Prosecutor General’s Office said. 

Of these, 4 officials are regional employees and 111 are employees of the district (city) divisions of ministries, departments and organizations. 

The crimes include theft of other people’s property by embezzlement (50 persons), receiving and giving a bribe, mediation in bribery (21), fraud (7), official forgery (6), negligence (3), abuse of official power (1) and other crimes (27 persons). 

As a result of these crimes, the state and individuals suffered damage worth 51.3 billion soums. During the preliminary investigation, 18.3 billion soums were recovered.