23:13 / 07.05.2020
54 billion soums paid to medical workers fighting coronavirus

The Minister of Finance Timur Ishmetov thanked the doctors for their work and provided some information about the additional payments paid to them.

Photo: KUN.UZ

As of May 7, 15,825 people received additional payments in the total amount of 54.9 billion soums, Ishmetov said.

According to the presidential decree “On priority measures to mitigate the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the global crisis on the economy”, medical, sanitary-epidemiological and other related staff involved in combatting the coronavirus infection will get 6% bonus as an additional payment daily.

In addition, by the decision of the President, medical and sanitary-epidemiological workers and others who are in contact with infected patients or work in coronavirus detection laboratories will receive a special additional incentive payment for each 14-day period in the following amounts (excluding taxes):

  • medical staff, laboratory doctors - 25 million soums;
  • nurses, laboratory assistants - 15 million soums;
  • junior medical staff - 10 million soums;
  • other employees - 5 million soums.

According to the Ministry of Finance, a total of 22.832 million soums were allocated to pay daily 6% allowances to the total of 14,301 people. In addition, 1,524 medical workers received special incentive bonuses for a 14-day period of activity, and for this purpose, the ministry allocated 32.48 million soums.

According to Timur Ishmetov, the distribution of the money to its owner is under control and the ministry responsible for distribution provided detailed information about it.