23:01 / 08.05.2020
Uzbekistan Airways to organize a charter flight on May 10 to bring back Uzbek citizens who left stranded in India

Uzbekistan Airways will organize a special charter flight Tashkent-Delhi-Tashkent to return Uzbek citizens who went to India for treatment and were not able to return homeland due to the pandemic, the press service of the upper house of parliament told Kun.uz.

It was noted that the Special Republican Commission approved the request of the Senate Committee on Science, Education and Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize a charter flight for citizens traveled to India for treatment. It was noted that when returning citizens of Uzbekistan, they will be provided with the necessary medical services. 

It should be recalled that on May 3, Kun.uz published an article entitled “Our situation is getting worse, we have run out of money – Citizens who traveled to India for medical treatment are not able to return home. Following that, senators sent a letter to the Special Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asked for information on its implementation by May 11.

The letter noted that the financial situation of fellow compatriots, who visited India for medical treatment and were not able to return home, is very critical, their remaining funds are hardly enough for 5-7 days, some of them arrived in the foreign country at the expense of sponsors, and most of the Uzbeks staying in India have been registered at the embassy to return home on a special charter flight.

According to Kun.uz source, on May 8, citizens of Uzbekistan, who were left stranded in the United Arab Emirates due to the pandemic, were brought back from Sharjah on a charter flight. It is also planned that on May 9, compatriots residing in the Republic of Belarus will be brought back on a special flight from Minsk.

It should be recalled that as part of the fight against COVID-19, Uzbekistan has suspended air and road communications with all countries of the world since March 16.