17:43 / 08.05.2020
Uzbekistan sends mobile medical containers to Tajikistan

They will be used to build a mobile hospital in Dushanbe.

Photo: Facebook /Zafar Khudaykulov

On May 7, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev instructed the government to urgently, as humanitarian aid, send 144 mobile medical containers to Tajikistan. Containers for the placement and treatment of coronavirus patients were delivered to Dushanbe this morning by freight trains, Asia-Plus reports.

Such containers are used as a mobile hospital during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“They will reduce the burden on those hospitals where there is not enough space for patients,” the diplomatic mission of Uzbekistan in Tajikistan said.

According to the source, beds with bedding are installed in the containers, there are showers, bathrooms, air conditioners. The diplomatic mission also said that the containers will be delivered to the “Bofanda” stadium (the former “Tekstilshchik”, opposite the Textile Factory), where a mobile hospital will be organized.

It should be recalled that the mayor of Dushanbe, Rustam Emomali, instructed to redesign the unfinished high-rise buildings of Dushanbe under hospitals (two buildings in the capital, which can accept 800 infected with coronavirus).

One of them is located in the area of the Technical College, the second in the center of Dushanbe, and both are being built at the expense of state funding. 

Also earlier, Rustam Emomali, taking into account the current situation, instructed to prepare temporary hospitals for more than three thousand beds for treating the infected people as soon as possible based on the available opportunities and resources. 

Every day, social network users report that there are no places in the hospitals of the capital, they or their relatives are not accepted. In this regard, everyone agrees that it is necessary to provide more places for patients, the number of which will only increase in the near future. For these purposes, as they say, empty gyms, hotels and mosques can be used.