20:37 / 13.05.2020
Uzbek citizens in Russia will receive one-off material assistance in diplomatic missions

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Moscow and the consular offices in the regions of the Russian Federation shall begin to pay one-off material assistance to Uzbek citizens residing there from funds of the Embassy’s charity account, since they encounter difficulties due to quarantine and restrictive measures.

Photo: Vlad Dokshin

According to the press service of the MFA, from 14 May, the Embassy in Moscow begins to pay one-time material assistance to citizens of Uzbekistan living in the Russian Federation from funds received in the Embassy’s charitable account. The quarantine and restrictive measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have placed them in a difficult situation.

Benefits will be paid to the following categories of citizens:

- Persons with disabilities; a supporting document (certificate) is required; 

- Women with dependent children up to the age of two, and pregnant women with pregnancies exceeding seven months; necessary supporting documents (a copy of the birth certificate of the child, a certificate from a medical institution) are required;

- Persons who tested positive for COVID-19; a document supporting test results is required;

- Full-time students who study in Russian higher educational institutions; a certificate from the place of study is required.

To note, the assistance is provided exclusively in the form of a one-off allowance based on the minimum wage established in Russia.

In order to receive financial assistance it is necessary to send the application through the electronic portal “mehr.rf”.

“We are grateful to the sponsors and fund-raisers who have transferred funds to the Embassy’s charity account. We also thank our compatriot, famous businessman and philanthropist Alisher Usmanov, for his support,” the MFA noted.

In order to ensure transparency during the allocation of funds to citizens, the Embassy will publish a weekly expenditure report on its website and on the official social media pages.