14:15 / 15.05.2020
People propose creating a new TV channel in English

It is proposed to create a new English-language TV channel in Uzbekistan.

Photo: Pixabay

A petition on the creation of a new English-language TV channel has been posted on the public portal “Mening Fikrim” (My opinion).

“I propose to create a new TV channel, all programs and projects of which will be broadcast only in English. It will improve the English language skills of not only the younger generation but also the population as a whole,” the petitioner writes.

Digital economy and the process of globalization require knowledge in English in order for professionals to use foreign experience in the development of their sphere.

“According to statistics, most of the information on the Internet today is published in English. In addition, considering the current quarantine situation, this reform would be of interest to schoolchildren and students,” the petition says.