22:38 / 16.05.2020
Prosecuting bodies put forward 4 possible causes of the tragedy in Sardoba

Today, May 16, a session of the international press club was held in the Syrdarya region.

Photo: IPC

During the event, the press secretary of the Prosecutor General’s Office Khayot Shamsuddinov spoke about the progress of the investigation.

“A criminal case has been opened, the investigation is being conducted by employees of the investigation department of the State Security Service. The customer of the facility in Sardoba is the SUE Sirdaryo Qurilishinvest. There was a “Joint Directorate of Enterprises under Construction No. 15” under the former Ministry of Agriculture, but the unitary enterprise Uztemiryulqurilishmontaj under the JSC Uzbekistan Railways acted as the main contractor. 28 subcontractors were involved in the construction of the facility. LLC Uzgip acted as a designer, 1.2 trillion soums of budget funds were spent on the project,” he said.

It also became known that currently, law enforcement officers have put forward 4 possible major causes of the incident:

- design errors;

- non-compliance with construction norms;

- errors in operation;

- natural disaster.

“During the preliminary investigation, 170 people were interviewed as witnesses. They gave evidence and information on the design, construction and operation of the facility. Over 10 examinations and laboratory tests were assigned,” Khayot Shamsuddinov noted.