19:05 / 16.05.2020
Tashkent resident attempts to dismiss a criminal case for $1,000

On 9 May, an investigator at the Department of Internal Affairs №7 of the Yashnabad district, Lieutenant Turayev, reported this case to the Chief of the Central Department of Internal Affairs.

The officer reported that his defendant had offered him an illegal monetary reward of $1,000 to dismiss the criminal case, and requested that legal measures be taken against the suspect, the press service of the State Department of Internal Affairs informed.

The young man was prosecuted under Article 276 of the Criminal Code.

On the evening of 31 March, at around 5 p.m., at the road patrol service post “Chulpon” located in Yashnabad district, the officer stopped him for a document check. The behavior of Nodirjon and his reaction to the questions raised suspicions, and the officers decided to check the contents of his bag. In a presence of witnesses, the young man took from the bag several packs of medicinal preparations prohibited for free sale, such as “Tropicamide”, “Regapen”, “Tramadol”, “Selofen” and a number of other psychotropic and narcotic drugs.

Nodirjon was detained and taken to the Internal Affairs Department, where it was established that a 27-year-old resident of the Mirabad district had been convicted several times before.

Following the discovery of psychotropic drugs by Lieutenant Shokhrukh Turayev, DIA initiated criminal proceedings under Article 276, part 2, paragraph “a” of the Criminal Code.

During the investigation, the accused proposed to the investigator $1,000 reward to dismiss the case. However, Lieutenant Turayev reported this to the management of the Central Department of Internal Affairs.

On the same day, 9 May, at 5.35 p.m., Nodirjon was caught red-handed by officers of the Internal Security Division of the MIA and by officials of the Prosecutor’s Office while he was transferring illegal monetary compensation to the investigator.

Bribery charge has been filed against Nodirjon under Article 211 of the Criminal Code. The investigation is underway.