23:45 / 03.06.2020
Council on international rankings and indices established in Uzbekistan

The President signed the decree “On improving the position of Uzbekistan in international rankings and indices, as well as introducing a new mechanism of systematic work with them in state bodies and organizations”.

In accordance with the decree, the Republican Council on International Rankings and Indices has been established and its main tasks have been defined.

One of these tasks is to carry out a systematic analysis of the socio-economic and political-legal development in the country and to ensure that the fundamental changes made in various spheres are taken into account in order to improve the position of our country in international rankings and indices.

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice are defined as the working bodies of the Council. 

The document also approved key performance indicators (KPI) for international rankings and indices that are priority for Uzbekistan.

According to the decree, the leaders of the responsible State bodies, on the basis of the results of each quarter:

- by the 15th of the following month, inform the Council’s working bodies on the reforms underway in the country, through submitting report with the necessary statistics and other materials;

- by the 30th of the following month, report on the measures taken to achieve the KPI in the relevant international rankings and indices at the meetings of the Council, supervised by the chairman or his deputy.

In addition, the Unified Portal “Republic of Uzbekistan in international ratings” will be launched by October 1 of this year.