21:22 / 03.06.2020
Turkish Aksa Energy to build power station in Tashkent

The Turkish company Aksa Energy is implementing an investment project in Uzbekistan for the construction of a gas power station in Tashkent with a combined cycle capacity of 240 MW.  

Photo: Depositphotos

The project is being carried out on the basis of an agreement signed by the company with the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan, the Dunyo information agency reports.

Despite some difficulties due to the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the company intends to complete the construction of the station in one year. To speed up the work, it is planned to bring some of the company’s specialists from other countries to Uzbekistan. 

Aksa Energy will build and operate the power plant for 25 years, and the Uzbek side has agreed to provide the station with natural gas and to purchase the electricity it generates.

Aksa Energy Company is one of the world leaders in the power plant production market, exporting its products to 165 countries. It produces generators at its own plants located in Istanbul (Turkey) and Changzhou (China).