23:19 / 12.06.2020
Doctor detained in Karshi for extorting 2 million soums from a patient for surgery

In the Kashkadarya region, law enforcement officers arrested a doctor who was extorting 2 million soums from a patient for surgery.

As the “News of Kashkadarya” reported, the head of the gynecological department at the Kashkadarya Regional Perinatal Centre demanded 2 million soums for the surgery of a pregnant woman.

As a result of the operational action taken by the staff of the Karshi city department of internal affairs along with representatives of other law enforcement agencies, the doctor was detained at the time of receiving 1.5 million soums in his office. A criminal charge has been filed.

It should be reminded that last year, a video showing how the employees of the Karshi city maternity complex extort money from women giving birth went viral on social networks.

As a result, three doctors and one nurse involved in these activities were dismissed, as was the Chief Medical Officer of the healthcare facility for loosening control over his employees.