22:44 / 15.06.2020
14-day rehabilitation course after patients’ recovery no longer required

It was reported that medical staff who treated patients with coronavirus infection and patients who have been treated are now monitored directly at home without a 14-day rehabilitation course. Kun.uz correspondent contacted the press secretary of the Ministry of Health, Furkat Sanayev, for comment.

“After full treatment, the 14-day rehabilitation course was used only in Uzbekistan. Even in developed countries, those infected are hospitalized only in severe cases; in the rest of the cases doctors just recommend the necessary medicines and they are treated at home.

In Uzbekistan, any patient infected with the virus is treated completely free of charge under strict supervision for a specified period. Even after the patient tests negative for the virus at the end of treatment, these samples are re-analyzed in special virology laboratories of Sanitary Epidemiological Wellbeing Agency in Tashkent, to finish a definitive diagnosis. Only after such repeated in-depth examination, the patient is considered safe.

The medical staff who treat these patients also undergo similar re-examination analyzes.

The rehabilitation practice is no longer required because experience has shown that there is no need for it – there was no recurrence of the disease among those previously cured. So the practice is abandoned,” Furkat Sanayev said.