12:16 / 26.06.2020
Health Ministry publishes a list of private clinics in Tashkent which conduct coronavirus testing 

Ministry of Health published a list of private medical facilities in Tashkent, where one can take the test for COVID-19.

According to Malika Kudratkhodjayeva, the head of the Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Wellbeing of Tashkent, from June 25, the following laboratories signed an agreement to begin coronavirus testing: 

• “Tibbiyot dunyosi”
• Swiss lab
• Vitros diagnostics
• Genotexnologiya
• Akfa medline

“Tibbiyot dunyosi” was the first private medical institution to start testing citizens for coronavirus on a paid basis from June 24. Other institutions said they would begin testing this week.