18:00 / 29.06.2020
Pedestrian and bicycle lanes with a length of 656 km to be built in Tashkent

Additional measures will be taken to comprehensively develop the city of Tashkent and support entrepreneurship and innovation.

Photo: Getty Images

The draft presidential resolution “On additional measures for the integrated socio-economic development of Tashkent and support for entrepreneurship and innovation” has been published for discussion.

According to the document, the following proposals of the Tashkent city administration will be approved:

- Sale of vacant lands that have been created by narrowing the 16-kilometer section of the Chirchik River flowing through the territory of Bektemir and Sergeli districts of Tashkent to 65-80 meters;

- Construction of pedestrian and bicycle lanes with a total length of 656 km.

The Ministry of Finance will provide the Tashkent city administration with an interest-free loan of 1 trillion soums until 2023 for the costs associated with the implementation of the above projects.