21:10 / 30.06.2020
Conjoined twins born in Samarkand

Yesterday, news spread on social networks that conjoined twins were born in Samarkand. In order to study this fact, Kun.uz correspondents visited the regional multidisciplinary medical center.

We talked about this rare phenomenon (the development and birth of two babies in one body) with the deputy chief physician of the center, Dilshod Rakhmonov.

“In medical terms, it is called the “Siamese twins”. At the moment, the baby is in the intensive care unit. A number of analyzes were conducted. The baby’s internal organs are separated, but the newborn has one genital organ and two heads.

Such a case is very rare: one in every 200-220 thousand people. They may live up to 30-50 years. But our case is a little more complicated, that is, the bodies have grown together into one. For this reason, we plan to conduct complex analyzes. Now the overall condition of the child is not bad, measures are being taken to treat the baby. Nutrition, blood circulation is normal, there is only a lack of oxygen. Certainly, we will take all measures to ensure that the baby survives,” Dilshod Rakhmonov says.

According to doctors, before the child’s birth, in the period of 16-21 weeks, screening was performed twice. Specialists became aware of the development of the baby, and parents were given the conclusion that such a child could be born. However, at the request of the parents, the child remained in the womb until delivery. At birth, the situation was clear, so the doctors used a cesarean section.

At the moment, the mother of the child is under the supervision of doctors in the maternity ward.

“This situation could arise due to a number of factors. For example, marriage between relatives, childbirth after the end of the fertile age of the mother. In addition, radiation exposure and environmental damage can also cause the birth of Siamese twins,” the doctor says.

Doctors of the center reported that they have faced such a situation for the first time. For this reason, it is planned to use the experience of qualified doctors not only in our country but also in countries with advanced medical opportunities.