20:51 / 30.06.2020
Special Republican Commission: Coronavirus patients will be divided into three categories

In Uzbekistan, patients infected with coronavirus are divided into three categories. This was stated in a report issued by the Special Republican Commission on June 30.

Coronavirus patients are divided into the following categories:

1. Patients with mild forms of coronavirus infection (the disease passes without symptoms);
2. Patients with moderate to severe forms of coronavirus infection (patients with fever);
3. Patients with severe forms of coronavirus infection.

Starting from July 5 this year, a new procedure for the treatment of coronavirus patients is being introduced, which provides for the followings:

  •  patients with mild forms (without symptoms) of infection are allowed to be treated at home on the basis of a doctor’s recommendation if there are necessary conditions for sanitary-hygienic rules and care;
  •  patients with asymptomatic treatment in hospitals and at home will be discharged within 10 days if no clinical symptoms are observed;
  •  those who were in primary contact with a patient with confirmed coronavirus infection are allowed to spend a 14-day quarantine period at home or in hotels according to the approved list, subject to all sanitary-epidemiological and quarantine restrictions;
  •  the authority to conduct a confirmatory analysis of samples with positive results of primary screening test analyzes is transferred to the regional sanitary-epidemiological wellbeing centers based on the instructions of the Chief Sanitary Doctor;
  •  in addition to public health facilities, medical facilities in the private health sector may also be involved in conducting PCR tests for coronavirus antibodies.

“Based on the above said, a procedure for the treatment and care of patients with mild forms (without symptoms) of coronavirus at home will be developed and adopted,” the Commission’s statement reads.