21:30 / 13.07.2020
Uzbekistan starts conducting tests to detect immunity to coronavirus

The virus can be controlled if 60 percent of the population develops immunity.

At the AIMC briefing, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Anvar Alimov spoke about the possibility of achieving control over coronavirus.

“According to world statistics, if 60 percent of the population develops immunity, the pandemic will not occur and the virus will be controllable. Vaccination is also a big factor in this process,” Kun.uz correspondent quoted Alimov as saying. 

The expert noted that the analysis of immunoenzyme indicators is being conducted in Uzbekistan.

“According to immunoenzyme analyzes conducted in Russia, the collective immunity is 13 percent.

We have also started conducting enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA),” Alimov said.

For information, ELISA is the detection of antibodies produced by the human body against the coronavirus infection at least one week after infection. The test detects immunoglobulin in blood samples. ELISA is commonly used in the detection of HIV infection.