22:06 / 17.07.2020
Former Defense Ministry official and his wife charged with treason

On July 15, the Military Court of Uzbekistan passed a verdict against two citizens.

According to the press service of the Supreme Court, a former Chief of staff of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan, Akbar  Yarbabaev and his wife Yelena Yarbabaeva were charged under Article 157 (treason) of the Criminal Code.

After thorough examination of the case file, the couple was found guilty of treason.

“The decision of the court was based on the principles of humanity and justice set forth in the Constitution and the criminal legislation of Uzbekistan,” the press service of the Supreme Court reports.

As a result, considering the nature of the crime and the degree of social danger, mitigating and aggravating circumstances such as the personality of the accused and marital status, Akbar Yarbabayev was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months of imprisonment.

Under articles 57 and 72 of the Criminal Code, Yelena Yarbabaeva was conditionally released and was given a probationary period of three years.