17:40 / 17.07.2020
New khokim of Fergana district appointed

The deputy head of the Fergana region DIA became the khokim of the Fergana district.

Shukhratjon Muminov

Shukhratjon Muminov has been appointed the new khokim of the Fergana district, Fergana region, Kun.uz source confirmed the information.

Lieutenant Colonel Shukhratjon Muminov had previously served as the head of the Rishtan district police department, and since June 2018 he had been working as the deputy head of the Fergana region police department for public order.

To remind, Ilhomjon Nosirov, who had served as the governor of the Fergana district since October 2018, was relieved of his post on July 8 during a videoconference chaired by the President.