13:34 / 20.07.2020
Zoyir Mirzayev: We have a fund of 4.2 billion soums for needy families

Khokim of Kashkadarya provided additional information on the pandemic situation in the region.

According to Zoyir Mirzayev, so far, the followings have been identified in the region:

• coronavirus patients – 409;
• the recovered – 318;
• patients being treated – 69;
• people staying in hospitals – 53;
• people being treated at home – 16.

“There were only two PCR laboratories in the region before July 10, which would allow conducting an average of 700-800 tests. At present, 4 laboratories have been established in Karshi, 2 – in Shahrisabz and 1 – at the Uzbekistan GTL plant in the Guzar district.

We have prepared 9 hospitals that can accommodate 890 patients. In addition, private clinics will provide 500 beds. We are also preparing hotels, dormitories of higher education institutions.

There will be 8,700 reserve beds in each district on the basis of hotels, preventorium and sanatoriums,” Zoyir Mirzayev said.

He also noted that 5,280 health workers have been involved in the fight against coronavirus in the region so far. In order to prepare a backup, the list of retired infectious disease specialists and virologists has been compiled. So far, 38 such specialists have expressed their readiness to help.

According to the khokim, 15 people are answering phone calls at the call center set up in the Karshi State University (220-03-00).

Currently, the followings are available in the Kashkadarya region:

• a total of 147 ambulance stations;
• 244 ambulance crews;
• 206 Damas and 247 other types of ambulances.

“We were tasked with creating a three-month stockpile of medicines. This will cost us 48 billion soums. There is a special fund for this purpose in the region. We will create a two-month reserve by July 25. After that, we will start creating a three-month reserve,” Zoyir Mirzayev said.

The khokim also touched upon the issues of providing assistance to needy families:

“An average of 185 calls a day are received from citizens within the initiative “Saxovat va kumak” (“Generosity and Support”). Forty of them say that they need food or medicine. We have the opportunity to address these issues on the spot.

To help the needy families, we have 4.2 billion soums in our reserve. Money continues to flow from sponsors. For example, 56 million soums were received from sponsors last night”, the khokim said.