19:33 / 22.07.2020
Water supply restored in Kuralpa after citizens blocked Nukus-Tashkent highway

On July 21, the Telegram-channel “Qoraqalpoq 24” reported that residents of the Beruni district of Karakalpakstan blocked the Nukus-Tashkent highway. The reason was that due to the lack of water in the aryks and canals that are used for watering the homesteads of the local population, the crops started to dry up.

The video depicts people, mainly women, who gathered directly on the roadway near the bridge “Nayman”, causing large traffic congestion.

According to Makan.uz, this problem has now been resolved, and pumps operate and supply water to household gardens.

The website reports that the blockage of the road occurred in Kuralpa, Abay neighborhood of the Beruni district. As it turned out, the canal “Nayman” had not received water for 10 days. “The khokim of the district immediately addressed the problem and it was eliminated,” the report says. Law enforcement officers sent people home.

Allegedly, there were 13 mahallas in the area that had problems with the water supply. Consequently, each of them received water by turn by turn.

In addition, according to the report, the temperature has also increased dramatically, causing serious damage to the plants.