01:23 / 25.07.2020
Group of Turkish experts arrived in Uzbekistan as consultants to assist in the fight against coronavirus

The Ministry of Health said that Turkish experts had arrived in Uzbekistan as consultants to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

Photo: Ministry of Health

“In our country, great attention is paid to studying the experience of leading countries in treating coronavirus patients.

In particular, on the instructions of the President, Turkish experts visited the Central Staff for Combating COVID-19 in our country as consultants for preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection.

The group includes Professor Recep Öztürk, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Turkish Ministry of Health, an expert on infectious diseases, Professor Levent Akin, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Hacettepe University, a public health specialist, and Professor Hatice Rahmet Güner, an infectious disease specialist at Ankara City Hospital.

The Minister of Health Alisher Shadmanov received the consultants and spoke in detail about the measures taken in the country against COVID-19.

The meeting participants discussed practical aspects of prevention and treatment of the new coronavirus infection, the current state and prospects of cooperation in this area. The details of bilateral cooperation in the field of health were also discussed at the meeting.

It was noted that extensive cooperation has been established with Turkish experts in the field of health. It covers areas ranging from education to the exchange of experience between specialized medical institutions, the joint conduct of complex surgical operations, the provision of medical equipment.

The parties discussed COVID-19 disease in patients of different ages, characteristic symptoms of a new type of coronavirus infection, specific symptoms of this disease, diagnostic methods, treatment protocols, follow-up of recovering patients and other topics. It was emphasized that intensive care units are paying special attention to the latest methods of treating critically ill patients.

“Turkish officials are interested in information on the measures taken by the Uzbek leadership to prevent and eliminate the crisis of the global COVID-19 problem, as well as to provide incentives for front-line medical personnel, quarantine of suspects and full coverage of patients,” the ministerial press service said.

During the visit, Turkish specialists will study in detail the activities of medical institutions, including primary care facilities and a multidisciplinary special hospital in the Zangiota district of the Tashkent region, treatment of patients, the epidemiological situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in our country, participate in scientific and practical activities. They will conduct online videoconferencing to improve the condition of critically ill patients in different regions of the country.

It is also planned to consider the possibility of applying the positive experience of the Republic of Turkey in the fight against COVID-19 in Uzbekistan.