22:25 / 27.07.2020
Khabibulla Okilov: The first wave of coronavirus in Uzbekistan has not yet reached its peak

Khabibullo Okilov, a member of the Anti-Coronavirus Staff, spoke about the situation with the coronavirus in Uzbekistan on the Oilaviy TV channel’s “COVID-19: Actual questions” program.

Photo: KUN.UZ

He noted that the first wave of coronavirus is currently being observed in Uzbekistan and it is too early to talk about the second wave.

“For the second wave to start, the first wave should end. If a new case is registered after the last patient recovers, then the second wave begins.

At present, the spread of coronavirus in Uzbekistan has not yetreached its peak,” Okilov said. 

He noted that the situation with coronavirus is changing rapidly and treatment standards are also changing.