00:42 / 28.07.2020
“More than 9 billion soums were not paid to medical workers” – Ministry of Justice

Medical workers were not paid more than 9 billion soums of incentives and other additional payments for their service in treating coronavirus patients.

According to the spokesperson for the Minister of Justice Sevara Urinbayeva, the monitoring conducted by the ministry revealed that to date, more than 9 billion 9 million soums have not been paid to medical workers.

In particular, the following cases of non-payment of the established incentives and other additional bonuses were identified:

- In the Kashkadarya region, 1,315 medical workers were not paid 6.8 billion soums (5.3 billion soums were paid);

- In the Samarkand region, 694 employees were not paid 834.7 million soums (426.5 million soums were paid);

- In the Bukhara region, 317 employees were not paid 353.5 million soums;

- In the Syrdarya region, 741.2 million soums were not paid (633 million soums were paid);

- In the Fergana region, 211 employees were not paid 163 million soums (fully recovered);

- In the Jizzakh region, 27 employees were not paid 36 million soums (fully recovered);

- In the Tashkent region, 23 million soums;

- In the Republic of Karakalpakstan, 5 employees were not paid 7.1 million soums (fully recovered).

Reportedly, measures have been taken on the above cases.