16:42 / 30.07.2020

Government distributes 150 billion soums to low-income families

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decree to further support the vulnerable segments of the population during the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: KUN.UZ

The Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction and the Ministry for Nahalla and Family Affairs has approved the proposal of the Finance Ministry on transferring additional funds from the Anti-Crisis Fund to reserve funds of regions, Karakalpakstan and Tashkent city to assist families in need of social protection.

Within two days, the heads of the sectors responsible for the comprehensive social and economic development of the regions will distribute financial assistance allocated to families in need in the region through the fund “Sakhovat va ko’mak” (Generosity and Support).

The Chairman of the Ministers’ Council in Karakalpakstan, khokims of the regions and Tashkent will supervise the distribution of funds to ensure their targeted use.

The Ministry of Finance will allocate these funds within one day.