00:13 / 31.07.2020
Aktam Khayitov: Increase in prices during quarantine is a temporary phenomenon

The Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber, the leader of the political party UzLidep, Aktam Khayitov, believes that the increase in prices under quarantine conditions is temporary. This is reported on the website of the Lower Chamber.

He noted that, in order to maintain price stability for products in high demand during the quarantine period, until December 31, the government sets a zero tariff and excise tax on imports of a number of basic consumer goods, such as flour, vegetable oil, meat and dairy products, sugar, hygienic products and their raw materials.

“The increase in prices during quarantine is a temporary phenomenon because in the second half of the year, the markets will be saturated with new agricultural products after the harvesting period and the Government takes measures to ensure food security,” Khayitov said.

According to him, the members of the UzLidep faction will strive to make the working conditions of domestic agricultural producers as easy as possible and to ensure that products will be delivered to the consumer.