16:37 / 06.08.2020
Court trial begins on the “Avto 60 oy” LLC case

Officials of the LLC “Avto 60 oy” are accused of misappropriating funds in the amount of 54.3 billion soums received by fraud, belonging to 19.3 thousand citizens.

Investigative actions against officials of the LLC “Avto 60 oy” were completed by the MIA Investigation Department, and the criminal case was forwarded to the court.

According to the information received by Kun.uz, the judicial investigation of the case is carried out by the Chilanzar district court on criminal proceedings, chaired by judge D. Valiyev.

Officials of the LLC are accused of fake entrepreneurship, illegal fundraising, fraud and other crimes.

According to the investigation materials, representatives of the LLC “Avto 60 oy” offered citizens help in purchasing UzAutoMotors cars without prepayment and interest rate. Contracts were concluded with 19.3 thousand customers for 54.3 billion soums. In the course of the investigation, material damage in the amount of 36.8 billion soums was compensated.

Taking into account the large number of victims, in order to inform about the details of the case, the Chilanzar district court on criminal proceedings created a Telegram channel @jibChilonzorsudi. It is recommended that all victims in the criminal case subscribe to this channel.