22:01 / 03.03.2020
Cars bought through LLC “Avto 60 oy” may be seized

“Avto 60 oy” LLC signed a contract with nearly 19,000 people, promising to buy a car with interest-free installments for five years, but only 0.5% of them were able to get cars. And these cars can also be seized to compensate for the damage inflicted on the “victims” as they were also bought at the expense of funds transferred by people to the company’s account.

On March 2, at a press conference held at the Interpol National Central Bureau, head of the Investigation Department Azizbek Dolikhodjayev provided additional information on the activities of “Avto 60 oy” LLC.

Azizbek Dolikhodjayev

During the investigation, it was identified that 18,818 clients paid the organization 57 billion 412 million soums. Of this amount, 24 billion 6 million soums were transferred to the “Kibray avto-moto servis” LLC for the purchase of 130 cars, only 96 of which were delivered to customers.

Citizens, who were delivered cars, were also involved in the investigation as a victim. Because the cars, delivered to them, were bought at the expense of the money transferred by people to the company’s account. If these cars are also attracted to cover the damage caused by the criminal case, their owners may become victims. Because they paid only the initial amount of the fee and some other costs for their cars. The remaining cost of the car is covered at the expense of the money, paid by other people, Kun.uz correspondent quotes Dolikhodjayev as saying.

It is noted that 28 different types of vehicles worth 2.1 billion soums, which were identified during the investigation, may be seized.

“We are giving a clear explanation to our citizens who got a car from the “Avto 60 oy” LLC. If the car price is dully paid by the end of the preliminary investigation, later on they will be able to retain ownership of the vehicle through the court. If the money is not refunded, 96 cars will be seized in the prescribed manner by law and withdrawn from their current owners,” deputy head of the Investigation Department Oybek Kulbekov said.

Oybek Kulbekov

The investigation period of the criminal case against the head of “Avto 60 oy” LLC and other officials is expected to be extended up to 7 months, that is, by May 2020. So far, about 17,000 people have been interrogated on this criminal case. Only after interrogating all the “victims” and determining the damage amount, the investigation will be completed, and the case will be forwarded to the court.

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