17:35 / 15.08.2020
More than 6,300 citizens received financial assistance in Kuva (video) 

Kun.uz visited the Kuva district, Fergana region and observed how the distribution of one-time financial assistance from the republican budget to low-income families is organized through the “Sakhovat va Kumak” Fund in accordance with the presidential decree.

It is planned to distribute a total of 1 billion 389 million soums to 6,314 people (220 thousand soums per person) living in 1,587 families in 69 mahallas of the Kuva district. More than 90% of the families in the mahallas have already received the money.

Initially, we visited the staff of Sector 3, located in the Qayirma mahalla, and observed that the khokim of the Kuva district Ravshanbek Kurbanov, heads of sectors, representatives of mahalla and bank employees were carrying out explanatory work on the distribution of one-time funds. Then, together with the officials, we filmed the process of distributing the money to the families in need of social protection in the Qayirma and Iftikhor mahallas and talked to the members of those families.

Ikromkhon Khomidov, who is bringing up 7 children and grandchildren, is chronically ill and unable to work.

“Because of my poor health and the severity of my family situation, the mahalla institution helps a lot. Today I received financial assistance in the amount of 1 million 760 thousand soums. There are 8 people living in our house. I wish that we get rid of the coronavirus as soon as possible,” Khomidov said.

“I live alone. I don’t have a caregiver. The mahalla institution studied my condition and included me on the list. They bring food and often take care of me. In accordance with the presidential decrees, they also provided financial assistance,” Khidoyatkhon Madaminova, a resident of the Qayirma mahalla, said.

Salimakhon Malikova, the chairperson of the Qayirma mahalla, told about the work being done in her neighborhood.

“We have consulted with the elders in the mahalla while including families on the list. As a result, families with difficult living conditions have been added to the list. We were advised to focus on families struggling in the current situation.

We studied every family in the mahalla. The list was compiled with the full participation of the mahalla representatives,” Malikova said.

One-time financial assistance was distributed to low-income families by members of the sector and bank employees.

“I have six children. I don’t work anywhere because I have spinal hernia and diabetes. The officials of the mahalla have included me on the list because they knew my condition well. They help a lot. As you can see, they helped financially again today. I would like to thank all the leaders,” Gulbakhor Mamajonova, a resident of the Iftikhor mahalla, said.

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