22:39 / 17.08.2020

Transport Ministry recommends citizens to use electronic payment 

The Tashkent City Office of the Transport Ministry called on the public to use electronic payment for public transport.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Starting August 15, the activity of all public transport – bus, minibus, subway – has been restored in Tashkent, taking all measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection among the population.

“Both buses and the subway stations have an electronic payment system, and we would ask passengers to use this system whenever possible, because it minimizes direct contact. Transport cards can be purchased at 89 ticket sales offices and in all Tashkent subway stations” – Anvar Jurayev, head of the department at the Transport Ministry, said.

Jurayev also explained the sanitary requirements for public transport.

In Tashkent, more than 1,100 buses have resumed their activities in 149 routes and more than 900 minibusses – in 97 routes. In addition, all three subway lines (Uzbek, Chilanzar and Yunusabad) started to operate.

Bus cabins are disinfected when they leave the vehicle fleet. Drivers and conductors are provided with gloves and medical masks.

The entrances to the subway stations are equipped with disinfecting tunnels and provided with antibacterial fluids for hand disinfection. Trains are disinfected every 3 hours and stations – four times a day.

“Passengers are asked to comply with sanitary requirements. When boarding the bus, you should wear medical masks and maintain a social distance within the transport. When you enter the subway station, please do not hinder the measurement of body temperature, and perceive this as a necessary measure,” Jurayev said.