10:44 / 08.09.2020
“We are waiting for the second wave and preparing for it” – Bakhodir Yusupaliyev

Uzbekistan is preparing for the second wave of the coronavirus infection. This was stated by the Director of the Agency for Sanitary and Epidemiological Wellbeing Bakhodir Yusupaliyev in an interview with Kommersant. 

According to him, in the autumn-winter season, there is an increase in the incidence of infectious diseases such as influenza and SARS.

“Yes, we are waiting for the second wave and preparing for it. Autumn-winter is the season when infectious diseases, including influenza, are observed more often. Almost all quarantine measures have been eased, people-to-people contacts are increasing, schools, universities and kindergartens are being opened,” he said.

According to Bakhodir Yusupaliyev, the number of infection cases did not decrease but, reversely, increased in late July and early August, with the majority of patients suffering from severe forms.

“The workload on hospitals has increased. I would not associate the spread of the disease with air temperature. Now that we have experienced the peak of the disease, the situation has stabilized, but this does not mean that the incidence of acute respiratory infections will not increase during the autumn-winter period. Therefore, we will continue to strengthen our preparedness to fight the pandemic,” he stressed.