21:20 / 12.09.2020
40 teachers in Jambay district test positive for coronavirus

On September 11, a regular session of the Council of People’s Deputies of the Jambay district took place.

At the session, such issues as providing schools and preschool educational institutions with primary means in accordance with sanitary requirements, organizing disinfection works, discussing the state of preparation for the new academic year and restoring the activities of educational institutions were considered.

It was noted that today 32,349 pupils study in 56 secondary public schools of the district. In the new academic year, 3,568 children were admitted to the first grade.

According to Z. Yusupova, head of the district public education department, who spoke to the deputies, in preparation for the new academic year, 1,934 teachers from 48 schools were tested for coronavirus, with 40 of them showing positive results for the disease.

Yusupova said that teachers infected with the virus will not be involved in the educational process, they will be able to continue working online.