21:18 / 12.09.2020

Ministry of Energy plans to increase supplies of gas and electricity to the Fergana Valley

Members of the Special Staff of the Energy Ministry visited the regions of the Fergana Valley on 8-11 September to analyze the supply of electricity, natural and liquefied gas and coal products to consumers in the 2020-2021 autumn-winter period.

The Ministry of Energy reported that the supply of gas and electricity to the following regions will increase in the autumn-winter period compared to the previous season.

Supplies to the Andijan region will increase:

Natural gas – by 5.4 percent;
Liquefied gas – by 70.8 percent;
Electricity – by 10.5 percent.

To the Fergana region:

Natural gas – by 16.4 percent;
Liquefied gas – by 48.6 percent;
Electricity – by 11.2 percent.

To the Namangan region:

Natural gas – by 23.6 percent;
Liquefied gas – by 52 percent;
Electricity – by 10.8 percent.

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