11:47 / 26.09.2020
Number of self-employed citizens exceeds 400 thousand in Uzbekistan

As of September 23, the number of citizens officially registered with the tax authorities as self-employed reached 403,208, the press service of the State Tax Committee (STC) reported.

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It should be noted that in accordance with the current legislation, people can get registered as self-employed in one of the 67 types of business activities. The majority of them choose household services (hairdressing, manicure, cosmetology, pedicure, washing and ironing at home, making keys, sewing shoes, repairing and painting, etc.) – 113,049 self-employed persons.

Another 87,231 self-employed people legally work in agriculture (livestock breeding, assistance to the owners of household plots in planting agricultural crops).

74,086 citizens are registered in the field of social services (tutoring at home, babysitting, housekeeping, cleaning of premises, traditional medicine and others). Slightly fewer – 66,886 self-employed citizens – provide services in the industrial sector (wooden architecture, plumbing, electrical installation, collection of waste paper, plastic, scrap metal, etc.).

There are 54,428 self-employed people in the production of consumer goods and the services sector (sale of bread, popcorn at home, ice cream, salads, soft drinks, ayran, gudja and trade in agricultural products in dekhkan markets).

7,476 self-employed are registered in the ICT sector (social networking, software development, mobile applications and websites, text creation and processing).

It should be recalled that from July 1, 2020, a simplified procedure for self-employment has been introduced in Uzbekistan for the able-bodied population. Self-employed citizens are exempt from paying income tax.