16:04 / 27.09.2020
Magnitude 4 earthquake shakes Namangan

A mild earthquake hit the Fergana Valley.

According to the Republican Center for Seismic Prognostic Monitoring under the Ministry of Emergency Situations, on September 27, at 13:49 Tashkent time, an earthquake was registered in the eastern part of Uzbekistan.

Earthquake coordinates: 40.89 degrees north latitude; 71.76 degrees east longitude. The magnitude of the quake was M = 2.9 and the depth – 6 km.

The distance from the epicenter of the earthquake to Tashkent was 217 km in the southeast direction.

The strength of tremors on the territory of Uzbekistan:

Namangan: 14 km, 4 points;
Andijan: 51 km, 2 points;
Fergana: 56 km, 2 points.